vegan entrée May 04, 2021

What is that giant yellow orb and what EXACTLY am I supposed to do with it?

If you ask most people to point out a spaghetti squash, chances are they might not know what one looks like.  There are so many kinds of squash that it’s easy to confuse them.  One spaghetti squash can easily feed 2 to 3 people depending on it’s size which makes it a very inexpensive and healthy dinner option!

But how can you eat it if you don’t know what to do with it?

Here are detailed step by step instructions I made on how to prepare a spaghetti squash.  Everyone can do this!
Even you, Man on the couch with the bag of chips and the remote.  You can do this too. 

There!  It’s healthy!  It’s inexpensive!  It’s EASY!  It feeds more than one person!  

Now you know how to make it. Go ahead.  Impress everyone!

It’s totally fun to make with the kids too, just give everyone a fork and let them scrape!

Another variation would be to skip the marinara sauce, and just add high quality organic extra virgin olive oil and sea salt!  You could also do a cashew alfredo sauce, or a pesto sauce!  Delicious!