Aug 04, 2021
I remember my Mom’s dinner parties when I was growing up…I remember mixed nuts, pickles, deviled eggs, stuffed tomatoes….so I called my Mom for some menu brainstorming. Then she recalled the menu of my Grandmother’s dinner parties!  That, plus some internet research on the history of food by decade, plus my current favorites…and I put together A Raw Retro Evening for my friends.
I am a HUGE fan of finger foods for dinner parties.  They have the cocktail party vibe, they’re small enough to have a couple bites without having to indulge in a large portion, and they’re fun!  No plate? No problem!  

Here was the menu my guests enjoyed last night: 

  • Raw Sexy Nuts
  • Foxy Mama Veggies with Raw Dill and Kalamata Cheeze
  • Sunshine Stuffed Tomatoes
  • Mondo Cool Mushrooms
  • Raw Royale with Sexy Sauce
  • Groovy Mac and Not Cheese
  • Cold As Ice Pops
  • Surprise Item: Raw Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Pie
Raw Sexy Nuts

Raw almonds, organic herbs, organic evoo (extra virgin olive oil)

Foxy Mama Veggies with Raw Dill Cheeze and Kalamata Cheeze

Celery, cucumbers, raw cashews, lemon juice, sea salt, dill; Raw sesame seeds, sea salt and kalamata olives


Sunshine Stuffed Tomatoes
Mondo Cool Mushrooms (made by my sister)
Raw Royale with Sexy Sauce (see this post for recipe)
Groovy Mac and Not Cheese
Zucchini, daikon and carrot noodles. Not cheese: raw cashews, hemp hearts, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, sea salt
Cold As Ice Pops
Blends of almond milk, banana, cacao, strawberries, cashews, agave, dates, hemp hearts
And what would a raw party be without one extra surprise raw dessert???  I just couldn’t help myself!
Raw Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Pie.  

I MADE ENOUGH FOOD TO FEED AN ARMY!  I think it’s that whole Half Irish Half Italian Heritage of mine…I don’t know how to make food for any less than 50 people. 

The Raw Retro Evening was really delicious – in food and in friends.