vegan appetizer vegan holiday Aug 05, 2021

One of my new favorite things to do when we have guests over is to create a vegan cheese board!  I love that it introduces people to some delicious vegan cheeses and it's a great conversation starter as well. 

For this board, we used Violife brand Mature Cheddar Cheese that came in a block, as well as Violife brand Feta cheese which also comes in a block and is super creamy and crumbles just like regular feta cheese.

We added extras such as:

  • Dijon mustard
  • red pepper hummus
  • gluten free crackers
  • carrots
  • grapes

This was such a delicious idea we will be repeating when we entertain!  If you don't have a "cheese board" to use, just use a cutting board.  You can just as easily place all of the items on a cutting board or tray so that way all of your snacks are together in one spot for happy gatherings!