Are you ready to change your life? 

The Monthly Coaching Membership covers it all!

Learn how to transition to a more plant based lifestyle at the level and pace that works best for you. Build healthy habits and ditch the behaviors that aren't serving you.  Stress snacking? Emotional eating?  Occasional binges? I got you covered. Not sure what to eat when you're on the road? Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of meal prep? Unsure how to navigate social events with food and alcohol? We cover all of it. This isn't about being on a diet.  This is about learning the tools and habits to reach your goals, feel amazing and live your life! Cake included! Feel healthy, strong and confident in your body! You'll receive the coaching, tools, community and support you need to create change that lasts.

 The content is structured around 4 Pillars of Health.  These Pillars are the foundation through which we will create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  

Transition to eating more plants at a pace that works for you, plus learn about balanced nutrition, portion sizes, macros, calories and more! Get the tools you need to eat for vibrant health and learn how to apply them to reach your personal goals!

Stress eating, binge eating, emotional eating? Lack of consistency and motivation? We'll dive into mindset exercises and practices to help us build new healthy habits and ditch the ones that no longer serve us. Learn practices to find peace with food.

Our bodies were made to move! Learn how to make movement a habit and part of your lifestyle.  We'll have fun monthly movement and step challenges as a community! (Note: This membership does not include personalized workouts - please see 1-on-1 Coaching for that option.)

Sleep, stress levels and self care practices. Morning routines. Bedtime routines. Alcohol consumption. All of these things play a role in how we feel. Learn ways to decompress, de-stress, relax day to day as well as navigate life's curveballs, so that they don't throw your routine off track or have you putting your selfcare on the back burner.  Learn how to prioritize your health and wellness and be part of our supportive community!

Getting Started Guide & Recipes

Get started the moment you join! You'll have access to a number of digital downloads including the Stay Planted Getting Started Guide (35 pages), Recipe Guide, Yearly Habit Tracker, Weekly Meal & Fitness Tracker and Plant Based Meal Ideas. 

3 Group Coaching Sessions

We meet as a group 3x a month on Zoom to discuss our wins and challenges. I cover specific topics and answer your questions. Can't make it to the session? No worries - sessions are recorded in case you miss it. 

Private Community Forum

The right support is vital to your success.  You'll have access to our private community on this website, where you will receive support, motivation and encouragement from other members who are also doing the work on their wellness journey.  We have monthly nutrition and fitness challenges!

Monthly 1-on-1 Call

As part of the coaching membership, you'll get a 30 min coaching check-in call with me each month! I've found this personal connection to be vital in helping you achieve your goals - this is your opportunity each month to ask me questions and get personalized guidance. I can't wait to chat with you!

Step-By-Step Nutrition Coaching

No more fad diets and googling to find out the requirements for which new diet craze you should try next.  You'll have access to a video library with fresh content added each month, and worksheets to help you learn evidence based practices and habits to change your nutrition so that you feel great, are healthier than ever, lose the weight you want to lose, gain the strength you want to gain, and feel confident, healthy and vibrant in your skin.