“Thank you, Lauren! You’ve given me the motivation and support along with the step by step breakdown of all I needed.  I just needed to put it into play.  I’m so grateful and thankful!! I cannot wait to get the rest of this weight off and get to my goal wedding day weight!”


- Jessica Neal, Coatesville, PA


“I’ve struggled with my weight and body image for a good part of my life. I gained more than the freshman 15 in college and being a 4’10” girl, the weight was not flattering. I tried every single short cut to lose the weight, nothing ever worked and it always came back. I finally made the conscious decision to lose the weight the right way. After meeting Lauren and hearing she went through a similar battle, I felt like I wasn’t alone. It’s mental battle that I feel a lot of people have but never talk about and I admire her courage to be so open and honest. She has taught me more than I would have ever been able to learn from a magazine or on the internet. I am now more conscious of what I am putting into my body and the word “diet” hasn’t been a part of my vocabulary in years. I am the strongest and happiest I have ever been and I have Lauren to thank.”

-Tory Cordero, Malvern, PA

"Lauren has been a constant resource on how to eat and be healthy.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lauren went into warp mode, rid my kitchen of anything processed and taught me about “green juice”.  I could not tolerate the medication I was prescribed following my surgery and radiation so Lauren educated me on how to change my diet to reduce my estrogen level without medication.  She is still teaching me every day – I do not know what I would do without her guidance."

 - Sandra Connelly DeYenno, West Chester, PA

“When I was sick in 2016 I had a lot of help with increasing my overall health. One of the big areas I focused on was food and eating. My friend Lauren DeYenno with Raw Is Sexy made me an amazing guidebook to eating healthy and taking control of my diet. She helped me with food shopping, how to prep meals, and lots of great information on eating a healthy plant based diet.  I definitely feel great eating a plant based diet. If you are looking to make a change in your diet or just feel better about what you are eating, I highly recommend her!”

Alex Wildman, RN, BSN at Penn Medicine

“As a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, I am very aware of the fact that your body can only function if it is well taken care of. I see a lot of my patients go downhill because of their unwillingness to give their body what it needs. I came to Lauren with a goal. I had a decent diet, but still didn’t feel “healthy.” I was easily fatigued and overwhelmed. I wanted to start exercising. I hadn’t worked out regularly in almost ten years.  I went out for a run. A sorry, awful run. I fast-walked with little bursts of running in between. I was out of breath and my heart was pounding. I was out of shape. I felt awful. But I wasn’t giving up this time. I talked to Lauren almost everyday and adjusted my diet. Lauren was amazing. She was always available, supportive, and answered the most ridiculous text-message-questions. Within a week, I felt great.

Just 16 days after beginning running, I ran my first 5k without walking. On August 31, I ran a complete five miles. FIVE MILES!  I HAVE NEVER SEEN FIVE MILES IN MY LIFE! Finally, on October 13, I finished the Baltimore half marathon-just 2 months after my first run, and met my two goals: I finished and I never walked. What’s even better is that I felt great afterward with no injuries! Your body can change and you can accomplish amazing things, IF you give your body the fuel it needs. 

Jennifer Milesky, Clinical Faculty at Johns Hopkins University and Registered Nurse, Baltimore, MD

“Lauren’s enthusiasm for helping others realize their greatest (and healthiest) potential never ceases to amaze me. She continues to research not only what works for her life in trying figure out what a healthy balance means but in what it means for the individual. She understands that people’s needs differ and that each person’s healthy balance will be different depending on their lifestyle and circumstances. Plus, she is a living example! There is no advice or instruction that she gives, that she isn’t practicing herself. What a refreshing thought! If a question stumps her, she will get out there and find an answer. She makes you believe that mountains most definitely be moved.”

- Jodi L. Harris, Enfield, Connecticut

“I was very anti “healthy” foods.  I thought that as long as I was working out, it didn’t matter what I ate.  Man was I wrong.  I could never see my abs, I was tired a lot and I was getting sick routinely. Once Lauren introduced me to this world of GREEN it changed everything.  I work out harder now because I have more energy.  I haven’t been sick once since I started eating plant based.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Learning how to make healthy meals that fill me up (and I’m 6’6″, so that’s a lot to fill) has really changed my life and how I view food in general.  It’s not just food…we’re putting fuel into our bodies and that becomes part of us.  Why would you want to put something toxic into your body?  We’re only on this planet for so long…  who wants to spend what little time we have being sick and tired all the time?  I went from baconators to spinach and I haven’t looked back.”

- Christian D., Newtown Square, PA

"Lauren’s guidance is extremely refreshing, especially since there are so many “diets” out there today with not much knowledge behind them.  She understands that everyone is different and we all live different lifestyles.  I love that she caters to each individual’s need and provides realistic guidance that can be easily followed and made enjoyable.  She has helped me realize that I should be fueling my body with the best possible nutrients and not with “whatever is easiest.”  The best part is that with her guidance I have found that healthy, whole nutrients can be made easy and are much more rewarding in the end.  Thank you, Lauren!”

- Krystle Decker, Seattle, WA

Doctor Recommended!

"My journey has taken me through medical school, internal medicine residency training and 20+ years in practice. I have yet to see a treatment as powerful as lifestyle modification with plant based nutrition. I’ve met many people and shared many stories of difficult times and successes. Lauren DeYenno is one of those people. I’ve known her for over 10 years now and have seen her dedication to health and well-being first hand. She walks the talk and is better for it, so are those with whom she works. She breaks things down simply and makes them easy to understand. Not sure the difference between quinoa and tempeh or whether you need to look on Google maps for them? Lauren has you covered. Her explanation of the typical ingredients in a plant based diet is accessible, easy to use and only made better by her recipes. The most important thing I can say about the recipes is that they taste really good. For a lot of people, all it amounts to is really that: does it taste good? So now that you know it’s the healthiest way to eat, is easy to make and tastes good, what are you waiting for? Let Lauren show you the way. Now dig in and start enjoying better health. You deserve it.”

William Neal Duffy, MD, Penn Medicine Valley Forge, Berwyn, PA     

- Recognized by America's Top Doctors 2015 – 2017

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